License Plate Game

I love playing the "license plate game” with my children! It is such a fantastic way to teach map skills. We live in Florida and see many different license plates from other states during the winter months. If you live in an area that does not have a lot of tourism, play this when you are on road trips. (If traveling on the interstate, you can usually see a variety of license plates regardless of where you live.)

The goal of this challenging game is to find all of the United States’ license plates (excluding Hawaii & Alaska). Sometimes it can take weeks or months to complete, which keeps the suspense going.

Make an outline map of the United States with just the names of the states labeled or click HERE to print one. Place the U.S. map on a clipboard, and leave it in the car. Use a highlighter or a light colored crayon to shade in a state when your child sees the corresponding license plate. Work as a team to see how many states’ license plates you can find.

My family has found all the states, excluding Hawaii and Alaska. Your family will have FUN learning geography!