Transform Your Teaching in 7 Weeks: Free Online Workshop

Ready to Transform Your Teaching in 7 Weeks? Here is the workshop schedule so that you can take the challenge right along with us. || How To Maximize This Workshop ||

Workshop Schedule

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Week 1 | Transform Your Teaching With Love

Love is the foundation.

Week 2 | Joy in Every Circumstance

How to have joy all day, every day, no matter what your present circumstances are.

Week 3 | Peace in Teaching and Parenting

Peace that surpasses all understanding creates an incredible example for the children in our life.

Week 4 | Patience in Teaching

How to have patience even when you cannot see evidence that you are making a difference in the lives of those you teach.

Week 5 | More Kindness and Goodness

Protecting the relationships with those we teach by learning to show and speak more kindness and goodness.

Week 6 | Faithfulness and Gentleness 

Modeling faithfulness and gentleness in relationships an how it can impact your students.

Week 7 | Self-Control is the Tie

Tying all of the Fruit of the Spirit together is self-control. Let it totally change the way you teach and parent.

This Workshop's Scripture:

Here is your first free printable for this workshop! Galatians 5:22 is the foundation on which this entire 7 week transform your teaching course is based. Download and print this verse. This is a full page printable.