FUN Math Art Ideas

I love incorporating art into subject areas whenever I get a chance. Last October, my kids really enjoyed making spider webs with number spirals for Halloween.
Since my boys have been learning a lot about geometry this school year, I didn't let the opportunity pass us by without adding a few FUN, geometry, art projects. My boys were thrilled!

We began with the classic symmetry art project, and my boys totally blew me away with their attention to detail! I had them cut out a photo from a magazine and then cut it in half. They glued half of the photo on a sheet of paper and drew the rest. I had to remind them to create a mirror image so it is symmetrical (like a butterfly) since kids naturally want to finish the picture. Can you tell both were created by boys- Legos and guns? Boys will be boys. I'm sure my girl would have chosen a flower or a cute animal. ☺

Next, we learned all about tessellations, which are repeating patterns of polygons that cover a plane with no gaps or overlaps. Click HERE for a mini-lesson on tessellations to learn how to create a tessellation. It can be a bit tricky for some kids to grasp the concept, but what an excellent critical thinking skills activity this is!

Since this was their first time working with tessellations, we kept it very basic.

In the future, I'd like to challenge my boys to create more detailed designs. Check out this fantastic slide show of children's tessellations created by a middle school teacher. Very impressive!

Below are two really cool sites that you can create your own tessellation designs on the computer.
Click HERE.

Click HERE.

My little ones joined in on the fun and made designs with their pattern blocks. I cherish these times that we are all learning together, just on different levels.

We went on to create these BEAUTIFUL circle paintings. These colors were so vibrant and popped with the black circles. My favorite art project this school year for sure! Kudos to my friend Annie at the Moffatt Girls for sharing it on her blog. Click HERE to learn the step-by-step directions.

I like this geometry art project because it looks like an optical illusion. Using a ruler, I have my kids draw lines from left to right the same distance apart and then make straight or wavy lines going up and down. Next, they alternate two colors on every section going from side to side. (Markers look the best.) 

The next art project I have planned is this incredible project from my friend, Jen at Runde's Room. Check it out! Isn't it absolutely amazing? Click HERE to learn how to create it.

by Jen at Runde's Room
Enjoy making geometry fun!