Making science come to life!

Life science should include live observations when applicable. Here are some science lessons your child will never forget by making science come to life:

*Peak your child’s fascination by planting seeds in a garden to teach your child how plants grow and the different parts of a plant.

*Witness the magic of biology as tiny larvae bloom into beautiful ladybugs.

*Discover the incredible life cycle of a frog by raising tadpoles.

Teach the process of metamorphosis with a butterfly kit, and observe how the insects transform into beautiful works of God. After observing your butterflies, experience the joy of releasing them into your backyard.

I love how excited my boys get!

*Experience the timeless classic of an ant farm by getting a glimpse into the amazing underground world of the ant.

I have used all four of these kits several times with my boys and they love them! I even gave these kits to my nieces and nephews for bithday gifts- very unique!

Enjoy making science FUN!