Family Game Time!

Many parents associate learning with work, but did you know that learning can also be FUN? Some of the best memories with my children include family game night. One night a week we play board games together. Each child takes a turn choosing a game. The television is turned off, the housework is pushed aside, and my husband and I give our three sons our undivided attention.

These are great gift ideas for Christmas and birthdays. There are many board games available, but here are some of my family's favorites:
  • Hi Ho! Cherry-O, Connect Four, and Chutes and Ladders- counting skills for little ones
  • Candy Land- color recognition for little ones
  • Letter Getter and Scrabble Junior- phonics, spelling, and vocabulary
  • Monopoly Junior, Pay Day, and The Game of Life- money skills
  • Battleship- coordinate points for graphing
  • Sorry, Trouble, Clue, Memory, Yahtzee, Uno, Checkers, Chinese Checkers, Chess, Mancala, Apples to Apples, and card games- critical thinking skills
You may already have many of these games but never realized your child was learning educational skills while playing them. Your child will also be learning how to follow rules, take turns, encourage one another, and have a positive attitude.
Make sure to visit for the home field advantage in teaching your child academics, creativity, and healthy competition by using their Game Plan.
You can even create your own board games to review skills your child is learning at school. CLICK HERE for some templates.
Enjoy your time together!