Science Fair Project Help

For you to effectively guide your child in a science experiment, you need to have some direction and general knowledge of the subject. Here are some questions you or your child may have:
  • What topic are you going to choose?
  • How do you get started?
  • What is the scientific method?
  • What data will you collect?
  • How do you draw conclusions?
CLICK HERE to learn the step-by-step procedure.
CLICK HERE to learn how to display the project.

If you are still panicking, don't have a cow! I have found Holy Cow Science, which offers science project kits with step-by-step instructions that lead to success. These kits walk the parent and child through the entire science experiment, and they save valuable time by including materials needed for each experiment.

I have used Holy Cow science kits, and my family loves them. I have even met the owner of Holy Cow Science. She is a former science teacher with a passion to make learning about science interesting for parents and students. She has many science ideas, such as science-in-a-bag kits, at her site-
The pressure is off! You can now spend your time having FUN conducting science experiments.