Torn Paper Art Project for St. Patrick's Day

Here is an art project that your kids will have FUN making for St. Patrick's Day, and it's wonderful for strengthening those fine motor skills, too! You can also teach your child the correct order of the colors of the rainbow by using the anagram- ROY G. BIV, which represents Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. This is also the order of the colors on a color wheel.

various colors of construction paper, cotton balls, & glue

(1) Give your child a sheet of 8x12 light blue, construction paper for the background.
(2) Give your child strips of construction paper that are the colors of the rainbow. Have your child tear the paper into small circles or squares.
(3) Draw the lines of the rainbow in pencil on the blue construction paper. Have your child trace the top line with glue, and place the red pieces on the glue. Continue this pattern.
(4) Your child can pull apart cotton balls, and glue them at the end of the rainbow for clouds. He can even tear a pot of gold to glue on one end of the rainbow.

The goal is not to use scissors.
Encourage your child to strive for individuality, not perfection.


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