Halloween Art Projects

Are you looking for some unique, Halloween art projects? Then these are sure to be a hit with your child!

Spider Web Marble Painting

Cover a few marbles in white paint. Put a sheet of black construction paper in a shirt box, and roll the marbles from side-to-side to create spider webs. When the paint dries, glue on spiders made from construction paper, fabric, pipe cleaners, or other materials you have around your home.

Pumpkin Patch Balloons

Create a pumpkin patch by blowing up and tying balloons. Use a paint brush to coat each balloon with glue. Cover the balloons with orange tissue paper. After drying, glue on facial features using construction paper, yarn, or scrap cloth.

Positive/Negative Pumpkins

Use a 9 x 12 sheet of orange construction paper for the background. On a 6 x 9 sheet of black construction paper, draw half of a Jack-O-Lantern. Cut out the drawing. Flip and glue the black pieces on the opposite sides like in the example below.

Edible Haunted Houses

This is a tasty art project that you can eat! Follow directions for making a gingerbread house except tailor it for Halloween and let your child's creativity flow. CLICK HERE for more ideas on making a haunted gingerbread house. Enjoy!