My favorite Christmas crafts

I  ♥ making crafts with my kids. Here are some of  my children's favorite Christmas crafts that I can't wait to share with you!

Eyes of God Ornaments

Explain to your child that this ornament made of Popsicle sticks and yarn is a symbol used by Mexicans long ago, called Ojo de Dios, which means "eye of God." The design reminds us that God, the Creator, is the center of our lives.

CLICK HERE to learn step-by-step directions.

You can even glue the verse "The eyes of God are everywhere." Proverbs 15:3 on the bottom.

My older son loved making these so much that he made these for gifts for everyone in our extended family, as well as our neighbors.

Reindeer Clothespin Magnets

Glue two baby flat slotted clothespins together for the legs and one upside down for the head. Let dry. Color the feet with a black marker. Glue on wiggle eyes and a small red pompom for the nose. Last, glue on a magnetic strip on the back.

Candy Cane Mouse

This is an adorable project using felt and candy canes. CLICK HERE for step-by-step directions. Here is an adorable craft set I purchased from Oriental Trading.

Reindeer with Hands

Cut a large triangle from construction paper for the head. Trace your child's hands, and cut and glue for antlers. Glue on other pieces of construction paper for additional features. This is such a simple and cute project.

Handprint Wreath

Dip your child's hand in green paint and press hand on Burlap. Use your child's thumbprints for red berries. Fold over the top about one inch and glue or sew the bottom. Insert a wooden dowel, and tie ribbon to the ends of the dowel to hang the wreath. These make wonderful Christmas gifts for the family.

Candy Cane Tri-Beads 

Kids always like creating with Tri-Beads which can usually be purchased at craft stores. To create a candy cane, alternate the colors on a pipe cleaner. Twist the two ends of the pipe cleaner when finished so the beads do not slip off. Very simple and fun!

Candy Cane Fingerprint Card 

Paint the bottom of your child's thumb red. Press his thumb down on folded green construction paper in a candy cane shape like the photo above. Leave gaps in between and then fill in the gaps with white thumbprints. Add a bow when the paint is dry. These make super sweet cards.

Spice Ornaments

This craft will make your home or classroom smell splendid!

3/4 c. ground cinnamon
1 tbs. ground allspice
1 tbs. ground nutmeg
2 tbs. ground cloves
1 c. applesauce

Combine first four ingredients, blending well. Stir in applesauce and mix well. Roll out to at least 1/4 inch thickness on an ungreased cookie sheet. Using cookie cutters, cut dough into the desired shapes. Peel away the excess dough and reroll as necessary. Insert paper clip into top for hooks. Let air dry for at least a week, flipping every few days. Decorate with glitter and ribbons. Store in zip-lock baggies each year until you decorate your tree.

Crafts with Perler Beads

My kids are completely obsessed with Perler beads. They make magnets, ornaments, and gifts out of them. I have purchased lots of beads and templates from Amazon craft stores, and Oriental Trading.

Reindeer Handprint Ornaments

This holiday craft is my newest fave because it is absolutely cute! So cute that these photos do not do them justice. I even stared at them for a whole day before we hung them up on the tree because I felt like I was able to freeze this treasured time with my children. Do you see all the different sizes above? How precious!

Okay, now for the directions. Paint your child's hand with brown paint and then press it firmly onto thick and sturdy paper. I used file folders but you can also use cardstock. After drying, I highly recommend laminating these. You will want to save these forever so spend the extra dollar or two to laminate it. Next, glue on wiggly eyes and a small red puffy ball for the nose. I used different size eyes and noses for my children's hands since all their hands varied in sizes from 2 years old to 11 years old. 

(my Christmas elf name ☺)