Super Spelling Ideas

Try these ideas to make spelling practice FUN!

  • A fun twist to spelling- use licorice string or pull and peel licorice to form letters to practice spelling words. Your kids will love it!

  • A FREE spelling program at contains over 28,000 spelling words, including plurals, contractions, future and past tenses. Spelling City provides spelling practice at home or school. Parents can enter and save their own spelling lists for their children, and students can play games with their words.

  • Use pretzel sticks to form the letters in the words.
  • Use letter stickers and stamps to spell the words.

  • Write the phone number of a spelling word by writing the corresponding letters and numbers on a telephone. Be careful. There is not a "Q" or "Z" on a telephone. CLICK HERE for a printable for this activity.                                         

  • Create a pyramid with the words.
For example:

The best reading DVD I have found!

LeapFrog: Letter Factory is one of the best learning DVD's I have seen! My two pre-schoolers absolutely love learning the letter names and sounds in a creative way while watching this DVD. It is perfect for Pre-K to first grade. Viewers see the letters, hear the letter names, see a picture/video that represents the sound each letter makes, and hear catchy tunes to match the letter sound. 

This DVD will help beginning readers soar!