Awesome Earth Day Art Project

Since my kids went absolutely crazy over the marbled eggs we made from paint and shaving cream, they wanted to use the same method for Earth Day to create the most awesome earths ever!!!
Is that not the coolest earth you've ever seen?

They were such a hit that six neighborhood kids wanted to join in on the fun and make them, too!  

For all the details on how to do this art project, {Click Here}. The only thing we did different was we used blue and green paint only and we cut circles (instead of ovals) from construction paper. 
 Each creation is unique! I love that part!

This art project is sure to be a hit with your kids!

This project became so popular that Fox asked me to film a segment about how to make these shaving cream earths.

My kids are so hooked on shaving cream art that they have made:

shaving cream hearts for Valentine's Day

shaving cream earths for Easter

shaving cream stars for the Fourth of July


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Kristin Moritz said...

How many circles/earths can you do with one tray of shaving cream? I'm trying to figure how much I will need for a class. Thanks!

Tamara L. Chilver said...

Hi Kristin! One can of the foam shaving cream (not gel) can make about four trays since you only need about 1 inch of shaving cream on the bottom of each pan. You can reuse the same trays over several times if you'd like. I would just add a tad more shaving cream and let the kids carefully swirl the paint around each time to create different designs. I can usually make 4-5 earths per tray.

lindsay said...

Do you think this would work on a small canvas, like those little 414 ones Michaels sells? Or does this only work on construction paper?

jillian said...

I know this is going to sound like a weird question. I work at a learning center and part of our licensing says we aren't allowed to have shaving cream cans in our building. Is there something similar or how long does shaving cream last out of the can? Like could i pour it out and use it an hour later?