St. Patrick's Day Activities that Kids LOVE

Did you know that Saint Patrick was known for his intense prayer life and that he used the three leaf-clover to explain the Trinity to others? Legend has it that St. Patrick would hold up a shamrock and challenge his listeners, "Is it one leaf or three?" He would continue, "And so it is with God. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are equally referred to as God."  

To read more about the life of Saint Patrick- CLICK HERE

And then create a Trinity Shamrock from Guildcraft.  Click image to download.
This is so cool! Have your child stare at a red shamrock for 30 seconds. I make a small black dot in the center to help my kids focus in the middle of it. Then have your child look immediately at a blank white sheet of paper. A green shamrock will appear on the white paper! Since red is the complementary color of green, staring at something red will cause you to see a green image.
Shamrock Art- Cut a shamrock into sections, space the sections apart, and glue them on white or yellow construction paper. (This is tricky for younger children. They sometimes mix up the pieces.)
Play Hot Potato. In this classic game, the players sit around in a circle facing inwards and one is chosen as leader. The leader sits in the middle of the circle and closes his eyes. A small object, such as a potato or a ball, is passed around from player to player. Each player must accept the object and pass it very quickly. When the leader yells "HOT," the player holding the potato is out. The game is played over and over again until one player is left- the winner.

Color Changing Milk Experiment- This is a unique experiment that I have done with my children for years! CLICK HERE for instructions. Tip: It does not work with the foam dishwashing soap.

Play Lucky Bingo. To print off FREE Lucky Bingo cards for your kids- CLICK HERE
Lucky Charms Graphing- Yummy! Use Lucky Charms cereal to practice graphing. I promise your kids will like this activity. To print off the graph and questions CLICK HERE.

Have your child go on a St. Patrick's Day Treasure Hunt with  twist! CLICK HERE for instructions from from Jesse Kate Designs.

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Have the little ones create a rainbow using Skittles or M&M's. CLICK HERE for the printable.
Play the Lap Harp. It's very easy for kids to learn- only a few minutes!

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