Summer Art Project

How many times do your children create art projects and then you have no place to display them? Here is a fun and practical way to view your child's art year after year.

Make-A-Plate is a summer tradition for my family. My kids enjoy making a plate using Crayola classic washable markers and then we send their drawings to Makit Products. They ship us back a beautiful plate that we get to enjoy for years and years. These plates are dishwasher safe and VERY durable. My oldest son's plate is the one pictured on the top and it is 13 years ago! We still use it several times per week.

What is perfect about this art project is that kids of all ages enjoy creating these plates- from my seventeen-year-old to my one and a half year old!

I purchased five kits so far just this year for children's birthday presents. It is a hit everytime! I also have used this art project in summer camps, church groups, and even with a small art class today!

Can you tell I just love Make-A-Plate?