Fourth of July Dessert Pizza

My boys wanted to make a special Fourth of July dessert this year so we made Dessert Pizza!
First, we lightly buttered the bottom of the cookie sheet. Next, we took three tubes of sugar cookie dough and rolled the dough and pressed it down with our hands into a cookie sheet. We were careful to leave a buffer of at least one inch around the edges.

We baked the cookie dough according to the temperature stated on the package but we did bake the cookies about five minutes longer than recommended since the dough was a little thicker than making cookies.

While the cookie dough was cooling (we cheated by placing it in the refrigerator), we made the icing. We added 16 oz. softened cream cheese and 16 oz. of marshmallow fluff. We mixed these ingredients together for a couple of minutes.

Next, we decorated the cookie cake with the icing, blueberries and strawberries.

 The final step (besides eating it) is to lightly sprinkle powdered sugar all over the cookie cake.

Even though the flag was not accurate, it was a lot of fun to make and it tasted delicious, too! 

It was Charity's first Fourth of July- so precious!