Learning multiplication with mnemonics

This week my children learned their 3-4 multiplications facts in just 45 minutes using Times Tales. I am so serious! The best part is they were having FUN!

This week we will be working on the 6-9 facts and I can't wait! Just thinking about my boys learning all their facts in two weeks without excessive drilling makes me smile really big.

Times Tales is a creative, innovative mnemonic-based program that makes it fun and easy to memorize multiplication facts. Times Tales uses cute, simple stories to help students quickly recall multiplication facts.

I am using the new Times Tales DVD and find my kids prefer watching the DVD over me reading the flip-book to them. I also printed off the flashcards and quizzes to reinforce their learning.

To read a thorough review by a TBA author, who is also the most well-known elementary math expert on the web, please CLICK HERE.

For more information on this product, visit www.TimesTales.com or watch the video below.

Have FUN learning the multiplication facts!

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