Paragraph Train Freebie

All aboard the Paragraph Train!
I am jumping up and down about this freebie I have for you! I searched for the past year for a paragraph train to help teach my younger children how to write a paragraph. This method of teaching was popular years ago when I taught elementary school and I even used it for my oldest son. But this train supposedly traveled on out of cyberspace. 

So I first panicked and then I took a few deep breaths and enlisted my amazing TBA partner, Leslie from Kindergarten Works, to hook me up.  I still do not know how to create those cutsie lil' printables that so many of you make. Boy, I wish I did! 

Anyways, this is how the paragraph train works. Write one descriptive topic sentence on the engine. Write three detailed topic sentences on the box cars. Write one amazing concluding sentence that wraps up your paragraph on the caboose. After writing your sentences, cut out the train templates and glue them together to make the paragraph train. 

Chugga-chugga choo-choo!

{CLICK HERE} to print the activity for FREE.

This writing assignment is part of 101 Ways to Make Writing FUN!