Turn dinnertime into fun family time!

Did you know that family dinners have decreased by 33% over the past 20 years?

We are all challenged by after-school activities, sports, homework, and church functions. And eating on the run is understandable sometimes, but when we regularly eat dinner apart or sit in front of the television to eat, we are missing valuable family time, learning opportunities, and character building moments. 

Try playing “Highs and Lows” at the dinner table and everyone takes turns telling about their day’s high (their favorite part) and their low (their least favorite part).

Another great idea is to adapt the journal jar to spark great conversationsA jar is filled with simple, kid-friendly questions. CLICK HERE to print off the colorful prompts then cut, fold, and place them in a jar. Have your child pick a topic each night and go around the table discussing it (or even try to guess each other's answers to make it even more exciting). 
This photograph and activity is provided by Organized Christmas.
Have fun spending quality time with your family,