A Special Father's Day Photo

Usually I do not post gift ideas until after the holiday has already passed because I like to keep them under wraps from my hubby but this gift idea is just too adorable to wait to share. Many of you may want to do this for a gift idea or even to use for a Father's Day card.

First, we purchased cardboard letters from Joann's. They only cost a couple of dollars each. We bought the letters: D, A & Y. We will use them to spell "Daddy." If you have three children or less, you can use the letters D & A to spell "Dad."

We used poster paint and painted the letters with two coats. The boys wanted to use blue paint but we should have used black because we ended up using black and white photos. The black letters would have made more of a contrast.
This was Colby's first time using poster paints and he did surprisingly well.
A friend even joined us since he was making the same gift for his dad.
After the paint dried, we took photographs in our backyard holding the letters. Matching colors/outfits would have been nice but this was a spontaneous idea, and I did not want to argue with two toddlers who were very adamant about not changing their clothes right before nap time. They won.☺

If you have only one child, take two photographs of your child holding D and one photo holding A to create your collage. If you have two children, have each child hold a D for a photograph and then both hold the A for the center photo or you can take a photo of your family pet.

I visited www.picmonkey.com to edit, crop, darken the edges, and make the photos black and white. This site rocks! If you haven't checked it out already, you have to ASAP! Next on www.picmonkey.com, I used the collage feature "ducks in a row" for five and then added rounded corners. If you are just spelling DAD, you can print 3 separate photos and purchase a frame made specifically for three photos.

Today, I am taking the image to Costco to have it printed then I will frame it. What a special gift this will be! I can't wait until Sunday to give it to my wonderful husband who is such a fantastic daddy!