What every mom of little ones needs

I recently had an idea that I wish I would have thought of 18 years ago. This idea would have made me a little less frazzled and a little more rested.

Enter my world for just a minute. I am homeschooling three children from elementary to high school age. While homeschooling, I am trying to entertain (and keep quiet) my one and two-year-olds. This is the ultimate juggling challenge for me!

During this time, I am watching the clock like a hawk to get my toddlers down for their naps at the precise time that will work best for all of us. The time finally comes and I can breathe a momentary sigh of relief after both little ones are asleep. Three kids are much easier than five.

I then rush like a mad woman to grade school work, spend time independently with each child on certain assignments, and clean up our homeschooling area. Last, I organize the lessons for the following day and the homeschool day is finally complete. Whew! I take a deep breath.

In the small window of time I have now is for me to get the mom things done. I make any phone calls (the only time a toddler won't interrupt me), answer urgent emails, take a shower (praise God if this happens before my husband gets home from work), and on some days (even though these times are few and f---a---r between) I hit the lotto with a small nap to get re-energized for my second ten hour shift.

So imagine how I feel when I am finally in the shower (without an audience of two toddlers) or drifting off to dream land when I hear a knock at the door or maybe the doorbell or sometimes BOTH (yes, Mr. UPS man or postal worker, I heard you the first time). If that doesn't wake the babies, the dog barking surely does and I relive the scene from Marley over and over again.

And let's not forget my older children's friends knocking on the door the moment they get home from school (even though I have nicely reminded them not to at least 100 times).

My light sleeping daughter does NOT go back to sleep once she is awakened (and I even use a sound machine in her room). So there is now a cranky toddler or maybe two if my son also woke up and a frustrated mommy for the rest of the day. This is why I consider naps to be a sacred time in my home.

Two weeks ago the light bulb FINALLY went off. Seriously folks, where has this light bulb been hidden for 18 years?

I made a sign for my door and it was the best $17.00 (with shipping) I ever spent! I have seen cute door knob pillows/hangers or fancy wooden "do not knock" signs to hang outside but living in humid Florida, those would have lasted a month max. So I made a magnetic sign since that will work better for my door. This is the site I used- www.magnetsonthecheap.com. There are many nice templates to choose from. HERE is the one I used. If my front door was not magnetic, I would probably punch holes in it and hang it up with string and those self-adhesive hooks.

And guess what? No one knocked or rang the bell one time last week during naps.  Hallelujah! I can really hear angels singing since my dog is not barking and my little ones are not crying or whining. My toddlers are getting their full naps, and I am getting some quiet time. We all are happy now. ☺ Now I have to figure out how to block out the loud mid-afternoon summer thunderstorms in FL and then I will be all set.
May you enjoy your quiet times too!