FUN Back-to-School Art Projects

I hope you are having a terrific beginning of the school year. I've been having a blast with my kids making back-to-school art projects. Here are some of my favorite activities that we have completed. 

When I taught in a classroom, I would use this art project for a bulletin board. Now I just let my own kids have fun with it. I trace their footprints and let their imaginations run wild! They can create anything they want to from their footprints. I use the tagline "We're putting our best foot forward this school year." Kids have so much fun with creating something from nothing. I enjoy seeing how everyone's creation is unique.

For the next project, I cut a child's head from a photo and then have the child glue the photo onto construction paper. Next, the kids have to draw an activity they like to do. I would display these for Open House and they'd always crack me up (along with the parents)! They just look so funny to me. I do this project with my kids and their friends now, and they are just as much fun at home.

I saved my favorite for last. Many of my previous students had these art projects framed and displayed them in their bedrooms for years and so have my own kids! They come out spectacular. These photos really do not do them justice. 

First, I draw the child's name in cursive and they use a dark color to trace the name. Next, the kids color back and forth with crayons around each side of the name. We sometimes take breaks about every 15 minutes because their hands may get sore. 


Look at the photos to see how each style is different. This is certainly a project every child will remember.