FUN Christmas sites you don't want to miss!

My sweet blogging friend, Shannon from Technology Rocks Seriously, has been busy compiling several Christmas sites and apps for the past year. Last December, my kids absolutely LOVED her top picks and were on-line playing the sites she selected to be featured. This year Shannon launched a new site Christmas Fun for all of the top Christmas educational sites, apps, and games she has reviewed and used with her students.

There are themes such as Christmas tree decorating

gingerbread houses

 and even Rudolph games

Her new site makes it VERY easy for my kids to hop on-line to play Christmas games without having to surf the net to find the best. I love it because it is a BIG time-saver for me trying to find the best games on-line, and I am at peace knowing a mom/teacher has already reviewed the sites to see which ones are kid-friendly.

Thank you Shannon for compiling these resources and placing them all in one simple location. Parents and teachers appreciate all your work to help make learning fun!

Enjoy everyone!