So blessed...

Wow! I am completely honored and honestly surprised at how well received my newest release How to Teach Your Child was. To be in the Top 100 Books on Amazon (free or paid) is quite an honor, and my new book hit #58 last night! I love sharing teaching tips and encouraging others, so seeing it all unfold was a time I will always cherish. It may be the only day in my life that I will be known as a best-selling author, but I will gladly treasure every minute of it.

God is so amazing and His timing is always perfect. My dear friend, Marie, has supported my writing for over six years. She has been the person scheduling public appearances, such as speaking events and television segments (even the Mom Squad came from her first introducing me to Fox). She spent months editing my books. I have not seen Marie in person for over a year since she moved to TN. Today we got to spend the day catching up as she was visiting Fort Myers with her kids for Spring Break. I felt so blessed to be together to see the book we spent years creating rise to best-selling status. Nothing could have been more special than sharing that moment with her, someone who wholeheartedly believed in me.
 Thank you Marie and everyone else who supported my passion to encourage others. I am forever grateful.