Grace for the Homeschool Mom

Introducing my latest book, Grace for the Homeschool Mom. This concise guide is the apologetics for the homeschool mom! It has been a project that has been heavy on my heart, and I pray it encourages many homeschool moms. 

Grace for theHomeschool Mom addresses the most common lies, fears, temptations, traps, and pitfalls that homeschool moms face. Use this book as a reference to arm yourself with God's grace and His Word to rebuke the deceptions of the enemy. Break away from the enemy's bondage and begin to experience peace and freedom in your homeschool journey right away.

You can order the paperback edition or download it now on Kindle.

If you do not have a Kindle, no worries. You can download the FREE Kindle reading app and enjoy the book on your phone, tablet, or even computer. {ClickHere} for the FREE app.

May your homeschool journey be filled with God's grace,


aubrey carey said...

Oh Tamara! I feel like you wrote this book For ME!
My mother has taken my older two off for the day and my youngest is napping. I downloaded your book while eating lunch and have been reading it now over an hour..
I have felt the call to homeschooling since last spring. My daughter has been attending a tiny church school which has been a safe, encouraging, uplifting environment.. but she came home quite often last year saying she HATED science (she loves animals, experimenting, playing outside?;), she HATES reading (she reads NONSTOP at home!), etc..
Finally I realized it was the curriculum style of instruction. I don't want her to lose her curiosity, to start disliking school, to think that Bible verses only have to be memorized, not necessarily understood and applied (all issues that were popping up).
My husband isn't supportive,as He very much disliked school, and basically feels that school is something you just do, because you have to. The irony is, almost everyone in his family, including his mother, were teachers in a public school, so they are very much against homeschooling.
My daughter asked me at the beginning of the summer if she could try homeschooling, so we did it for a month this summer.
I tried to do "school at home" basically and though I did enjoy some of it and knew it was something that could work,I was overwhelmed, discouraged that things weren't going according to my plans (I am trying this with an 8,5, and 20 month old who interrupts constantly).
I have been praying for guidance on this subject for months, and haven't felt a peace about sending my daughter back to school or homeschooling..
I decided about 2 weeks ago to give it a try through Christmas. My husband reluctantly agreed, and I have found a new curriculum, one that is much more laid back, and also found a support group and coop.
I finally was excited and at peace about this, and this week I found out I am expecting our 4th child. This was not planned and I am sad to say I am more overwhelmed than excited.
Immediately I began to doubt my decision to homeschool and my husband has been urging me to just send her back to school now..
I have been so confused and sad..but now, after reading your book and much prayer, I am going to go ahead with homeschooling.
I can see how God is at work in this situation and how homeschooling with the flexibility to schedule around a new baby, can be a blessing..
Thank God for you!"

Tamara L. Chilver said...

Oh Aubrey! I am so excited for you! You are beginning a new journey that will be amazing. Just keep going forward with God's plan and over time you will see His plan unfold for you and your family. And congratulations about your pregnancy! What a blessing! Keep focused on God during the pregnancy and first months of having a new baby. Remind yourself the pregnancy and baby will be the main lesson. If all your plans do not get completed, it's okay. Because in the end, the best memories of this school year your daughter will have forever in her heart will be the time she spent right by her mommy's side through it all. I am beyond happy for you. And thank you Aubrey for taking the time to let me how this book helped to encourage you. I will keep you in my prayers. Let me know how everything goes. Blessings!