The Mom Squad addresses the common question- How do you do it all?

"How do you do it all?"

 I get asked this question at least once a week, along with the comment, "I don't know how you do it."

Every mom is busy, whether you have one child or more than one. You just learn how to manage your time differently as your family grows.
This week I had the pleasure to be on FOX's Mom Squad panel with some A.MA.ZING mothers. The host of the program, Carley Wegner, has been feeling a bit overwhelmed with her new baby on his way while already having a one year old so she called in the Mom Squad to help ease her worries.

I've had two children in 13 months and another two within 18 months apart, so I could completely relate to her anxieties. The other moms on the show have twins and gave some excellent advice. All of us have four or five children, two of us work part-time, and we all homeschool, so the question "How do you do it?" is quite common for us.
My only wish was that this segment was longer. I am always up for learning new tricks and tips, and there was much wisdom to be shared. Five minutes went by way too fast, but FOX wants to here from YOU for future segments. If you have any mom questions that you'd like answered, email them to Melissa-

For those of you who think that I have my life altogether, I definitely do not. Every season brings new challenges. For example, since I had my fifth child, I am notoriously 5-10 minutes late everywhere no matter how hard I try to be on time. I would like to say that I am "fashionably" late, but that isn't the truth either. Running in a mad dash in a parking lot (all holding hands of course) to make it somewhere 5 minutes late (instead of 6 minutes cause that makes a big difference) while one child is missing shoes and my hair is going in every direction. Yep, that is my family.

This video accurately represents my family. I have watched it several times and laugh hysterically each time because it is SO TRUE!

I address several more of my shortcomings and how I deal with them in Grace for the Homeschool Mom. Here is an excerpt from my book:
My laundry is piled up. There are some nights we eat cereal or grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. I am years behind in scrap-booking. I wish I had more time to exercise than I do. And I always feel like I could be doing more than I am. But I remind myself that scripture says, “In all you do, do it unto the Lord.” Never does it say to do it all. 
The Truth: Doing it all is a misconception the enemy wants mothers to believe. Learn how to fully embrace the beauty of each season of your life. It is a gift from God.
God’s Word: Colossians 3:23-24-“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.”
Take a deep breath busy mom. You are doing a great job!