What is Organic Homeschooling?

Throughout my 23 years in education, I have found myself using most teaching styles. During different seasons, I have used traditional, classical, unit studies, Montessori, and unschooling approaches. I saw the strengths of each method and wanted to incorporate them all. I was elated when the new buzzword “eclectic” became popular about a decade ago because I felt like there was finally a word to describe how I taught.

But as time went on, I discovered a better word to describe my family’s homeschool- ORGANIC. The term “organic” seems to be a common word nowadays. It can be used to describe types of food, businesses, churches, and even more.

Organic Homeschooling Quote

When I think of the word “organic,” I think of natural, wholesome, and fundamental. That's exactly what I want my children’s education to be like.

Homeschooling with a Natural Approach

Learning becomes a natural process.

  • I no longer feel pressure from what others are doing. I remind myself that my children are created uniquely by the Lord and He has a specific plan for each of them.
  • Frustration is rarely present when things don’t go as I plan. I realized that most of my frustration in homeschooling was when things were not going my way. It was simply a control issue. I wanted my lesson plans and goals to be met on my timetable. I didn't welcome life's interruptions as possible lessons but viewed them as hindrances to my original plans. When I learned to lay aside my plans for His plans, homeschooling became a joy and not a burden.
  • I stopped pushing my children to finish the curriculum. When I find myself rushing to “finish the book,” I am missing the beauty of homeschooling. Our homeschool days should be about teaching the child, not the curriculum. Read more HERE.


A wholesome learning environment is created.

  • I strive to provide the best nutrients in our soil to produce the sweetest fruit. One way I do this is by using teaching materials that are rooted in God’s word.
  • I use unit studies that incorporate most subjects, instead of teaching individual subjects separately. This approach is teaching learning as a whole, which leads to better retention and is less time-consuming for the student and teacher. 

1 Corinthians 3 10 11

Build upon the foundation with the fundamentals of a solid education. 

  • I choose to focus the majority of my teaching time on the Bible and building upon that foundation with the core subjects- reading, writing, and math. Read more HERE.
  • I avoid using "preservatives and extra additives" by eliminating busywork. To be honest, homeschooling four children makes my teaching time valuable. I cut right to the chase and avoid any "fluff" in the books or curriculum I use. Three hours of solid teaching time with active learning is much more important to me than a full day of teaching with little real learning.

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If I had to sum up organic homeschooling in one word,
it would be FREEDOM.

Freedom to learn at our own pace. Freedom to choose what curriculum to use and which paths to take. Freedom to appreciate the simplicity of teaching and how less is really more. Freedom to teach real lessons for the real world. Freedom to have fun while learning. Freedom to encourage creativity and out-of-the-box ideas. Freedom to explore our own interests and try something new. Freedom from comparing myself to others. Freedom from guilt because I may feel like I am not doing enough. Freedom to step off the highway of learning to take the more scenic route along a dirt road. Freedom to slow down and enjoy every minute God has entrusted me to educate my children. Freedom to love learning.

As a home educator, it is not my responsibility to teach my children everything. It is my responsibility to create life-long learners by providing the best teaching tools while cultivating a passion for learning. That is why teaching organically best describes my family's homeschool approach.

Wishing you much joy in your homeschooling journey,


I recently listened to an excellent recording from the FPEA convention- 10 Benefits to Teaching With a Natural Approach. It was everything I believe learning and teaching should encompass. If I sat down with a homeschool mom, this is exactly the same advice I would give her. Bravo Geography Matters. You really hit it out of the park with this presentation!