It’s Bingo time!

Children love to play games, so why not use games to teach? I have discovered that playing Bingo is an exceptional way to teach several educational concepts because it has many play options, flexible difficulty levels, and a variety of content.

In the preschool to early elementary years, ABC Bingo and Number Bingo teach children to recognize letters and numbers. My children use a classic Bingo game to learn higher number recognition.

Sight Word Bingo is a great way to practice words that children must master to improve their reading ability. For math, there are Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division Bingo. Your child is never too old to sharpen these math skills. But it doesn’t end there! I have even played Money and Time Bingo with my children, and they really have no idea that they are learning educational skills while playing.
To add an extra helping of fun, use food items as markers. Try candy corn for Halloween and Thanksgiving, red and green gumdrops for Christmas, candy hearts for Valentine's Day, and jelly beans for Easter. My children love using M & M's and Skittles as markers anytime of the year.
To create custom Bingo cards for holidays and themes that are absolutely FREE (the best kind, right?), CLICK HERE.  DLTK is a Bingo player's dream site with so many FUN options. They even have options to use words to help with reading. How cool!

TIP: Each time you click "Print a Bingo card" a different card will be made. I also like to print my cards on cardstock so they are more durable for my little ones.