Making spider webs with number spirals and other Halloween activities kids LOVE

My kids have nothing but candy on their brains as they anxiously wait to go trick-or-treating so I am planning a whole day of Halloween FUN! Of course learning will still take place but in a very different format than usual. To kick off the day, we will be making spider webs for math. Look how cool these are!

Different number patterns make different designs. 

Make sure to use a ruler for the best results. 

You can add multiple colors like my sons' friend did. The colors add the WOW factor.

Here is an example that my friend Jen (a.k.a. the art queen) did with her class. You have to hop over to her site at Runde's Room and see her spectacular examples and bulletin board. You'll immediately understand why she is the art queen in my book. I just ♥ her ideas! Jen's blog is also my nine-year-old son (Coen's) favorite blog to follow.

You can use graph paper to experiment more.
This is a design from a former fourth grade student of mine. He did this all by himself after learning the techniques above. I was blown away by his creativity! Giving children the freedom to explore what they've learned can be so rewarding for the teacher as well as the child.

Below are the directions using number spirals and the graphing paper can be printed HERE.

Of course I will have to bust out one of my favorite childhood art tools, Spirographs. Anyone else remember using these or am I the oldest mom around on the Blog Block?

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After completing the spider webs and some of the activities in my previous Halloween posts, we will be completing LOTS of activities from my new favorite site,! They have thousands of printables for every grade level and subject area. I printed off several different games and worksheets and made a Halloween packet for my boys. 

Warning: is an educator's dream site so make sure you have lots of ink on hand and your printer is ready to go! You may get lost in the hours of downloading and printing like I did! has individual worksheets,



board games,

Wishing you lots of treats,