Community Service Projects

Volunteering together as a family is a wonderful way of creating a special bond while teaching your child to have compassion for others. As we quickly near Christmas, we are sometimes overwhelmed by all of our holiday commitments. But God often puts needs right in front of us all year long that we sometimes avoid meeting because of our busy schedules. Your child will learn more during these opportunities than from completing any school assignment. While encouraging your child to reach out and help others, you can provide assistance, transportation, knowledge, resources, and leadership during community service projects. Opportunities that show Christ's love to others, throughout the year and not just during the holiday season, may include:

  • Preparing and delivering a meal to someone who is ill or recovering from surgery
  • Picking up litter around your neighborhood
  • Going on missionary trips
  • Mowing an ill or elderly neighbor's lawn
  • Collecting used books and donating them to a children's home
  • Caring for a neighbor's pet who may be going out of town
  • Reading to younger children
  • Donating canned foods to a local food pantry
  • Writing a letter to someone serving in the military
  • Collecting toys for shelters
  • My family's most recent community service project was what I like to call, random acts of kindness. My children baked over a hundred cookies and delivered them to workers around our town with a note attached stating "Have a great day!" We took them to construction workers, road crews, toll booth collectors, bus drivers, truck drivers, and other people in occupations that may not receive a lot of recognition from the community. It was such an awesome lesson that taught my children that a simple act of kindness can bring great joy to people.
Please take advantage of these real-life lessons to help shape your child's character. Remember to foster the giving spirit within your home and provide plenty of opportunities to give back to others throughout the year. Treasure this precious time with your child. You are making memories that will last a lifetime.