Teach Your Child the Books of the Bible

Teaching children the books of the Bible can be made easy by using fun songs. Here is an example of my children singing a song they learned at church.

Below are a couple more fun songs to help your children learn the books of the Bible. They are super cute!

This is my kid's absolute favorite!

CLICK HERE to download a printable of the books of the Bible.


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cherylg said...

very helpful, thanks a lot!! :)

lynne said...

what song is it you use to help the kids learn the books of the bible? thanks

Teaching with TLC said...

I have used a song that AWANA has published that is part of their children's Bible study program. I have also seen similar songs at Christian bookstores.

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea, thank you so very much for sharing.

Tina said...

wow this is very nice.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME presentation of a website! I so need to find your resources and books online next :) Bless you!

monkeymama said...

Thanks so much for these songs - "Wonderful books of the Bible" - OT and NT - they are great. I like them myself, and I know my son will.

Tamara L. Chilver said...

You are so welcome.

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