Preschool Phonics Fun

 Here are some quick tips to help teach your child letters and sounds:

Phonics Go Fish- Make or purchase two sets of alphabet flash cards and shuffle. Pass five cards to each player and take turns asking for specific letters. Continue playing like Go-Fish. Extra tip- Use a chip clip to help your child hold the cards.

Sticky Notes- Give your child several sticky notes with a letter written on each. Have your child put the sticky note on objects in your home that begin with the letter on the paper. For example, your child may put a B on the Bed, a P on a Pan, and a T on the television. For beginning readers, you can give your child sticky notes with simple words, such as pot, and have your child stick it on the object.

Scavenger Hunt- Create your own scavenger hunt by hiding clues. This takes some planning but is so worth it. Write simple words or complete sentences on your child's reading level, such as:
(1) Look under the kitchen rug for your first clue.
(2) Open the refrigerator for your next clue.
(3) Look under your bed for your next clue.
(4) Go to the bathtub for your next clue.
(5) Open your reading book for your next clue.
(6) Look in the pantry for your treasure. (Leave a piece of candy or special treat.)

The point of these phonics games is to show you how to make phonics FUN. Research has consistently shown that more learning takes place when games are used. Watch your children run to you when you say, "Let's play a game."