Reasons to Homeschool


I thought you might appreciate hearing from the heart of a homeschooled student. My son was thirteen when he wrote this, and he had been homeschooled for eight years at the time of this essay.

By Conley Chilver

    Homeschooling is extraordinary in several ways. Going to school was good for me, but I believe it is better to be educated at home. Here are some reasons why you should consider homeschooling. 

    First, homeschooling can save money and time. An average student in a school setting in the United States requires an estimated amount of ten thousand dollars or more per school year to pay for the buildings, teachers, and curriculum. On the other hand, a child can be homeschooled for an average of five hundred dollars per school year. It also takes about six hours for a student to complete his work in a school setting. For a homeschooler, it takes about three to five hours per day. 

    Second, homeschoolers have more time with their friends and family. When I went to school for one year, I had little free time. Usually a child comes home from school and has to complete homework. When I am done with my homeschool day, I have no homework. In addition, I get extra time each day since I do not have to spend time traveling to and from school. Homeschooling allows me to spend hours with my friends playing outside and more quality time with my family at night.

    Third, there’s no need to wake up early.  When I went to school, I woke up at
six forty-five on school days. Now, I wake up at eight o'clock on school days. I also have a more relaxing bedtime routine, which I enjoy since I am a night person. 

    In conclusion, I believe homeschooling is better than attending school in many ways.  My favorite part of being a homeschooled child is getting to spend more time with people. Homeschooling is the way to go!