Summer Reading Fun

Many parents ask me how to get their elementary-age children reading for fun during the summer. There are reading programs at libraries and on-line but this is my FAVORITE reading program because it is personalized for your child.

Book Adventure

My children are literally hooked on reading this summer! This is how it happened-First, I read through the Book Adventure lists on-line for books I already had at home that are on my children's reading levels. Next, I made a big pile of those books on our dining room table. You can also get most of the books at your local library.

My boys and I developed certificates on-line at the Book Adventure site for personalized prizes and rewards, such as things they would like to do this summer (ex. bowling, movies, & sleepovers) You need to go into the parent's account on Book Adventure to personalize your child's prizes- this is an important part for motivating your child. Next, the boys take quizzes on-line after they read the books to earn points for prizes.

This program works like magic! My first and second graders read several books a day and are so proud when they bring me their printed certificates to redeem their prizes.
The best part- I never remind them to read. They just see the books on the table and want to read and take tests on the computer. They are self-motivated and are enjoying reading this summer.

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