Blasting off with Fourth of July Activities!

Today my kids made a Fourth of July crayon resist art project. They drew a patriotic picture on cardstock with crayons. I had them to press down hard on the crayons to get the maximum wax possible.

Next, they used black poster paint (I diluted it a bit by adding water) to lightly paint over the drawings. Black watercolor paints should work just fine, too. I reminded them to paint side-to-side and not use random strokes. I also used a paper towel to lightly wipe down the paint to create a more consistent look.
I thought they turned out super nice!
While they were painting, we listened to these patriotic songs from Wee Sing America.

Wee Sing America

We also made these frames to celebrate the 4th. We will put photos from this week in them to have as a keepsake and to decorate in future years. These frames have magnets on the back and are perfect for the refrigerator. I ordered the kit from Oriental Trading and we made them with our Art Club.
I like how each frame is designed differently.

We did Fireworks Science and watched the colors move and explode! CLICK HERE for instructions. Tip: It does not work with the foam dishwashing soap.

Enjoy celebrating the 4th with your family!