Staying Sharp

This guest post is contributed by Alisa Gilbert.

Think back to the moment when you first decided to take your child out of school, and teach them from home. At that point there were probably a few common reasons for the move. Now that you have begun to settle into this new lifestyle, it is important not to forget those original reasons, and to reflect on the new ones you have become more aware of. As we begin to hear about the tragic events that are taking place within school systems - from bullying to the children who are falling behind - there seems to be a slippery slope taking place. By educating your child at home, you have the opportunity of creating an environment that can help them better understand the material being presented. Everyday before your class time begins you should remind yourself of the main reason you are doing this. It is your responsibility to keep the focus on academics, because it can be easy to want to cherish these childhood moments and get off track. However, the education is what is most important in this situation.

Teaching can be a fun experience - you just have to be creative in your ways. Having theme days where you challenge your child to find the best outfit they have for specific day i.e. bright-color Wednesday. By creating these themed dress codes, you take your child out of their pajamas and into an outfit that can remind them through out the day that it’s learning time. Transform your workspace into an area that is fun and insightful. You want to remove the resemblance of a living room, and give your child their own personally designed classroom where they can see all of their great work hanging from the walls. Keeping the focus on academics can present its challenges, but it is necessary to further the education. 

However, no matter what you do in order to keep the focus and attention on the work that needs to be done, always leave room for change. There may be times when your child is not grasping the concept of a particular subject. In these instances it is important to alter the way you are presenting the information until they understand it. Adapt to their learning style instead of pushing your own method. Remember that by teaching from home you have given yourself an enormous amount of flexibility. There is no school budget that restricts you from purchasing a different, more insightful book for your child to learn from. Lunch and recess do not always have to be at the same time everyday. It can be easy to start going through the motions, and forget the reasoning behind your decision to home-school. And this is that moment every morning where you remind yourself why you’re doing this becomes important. By doing so, you keep yourself focused and motivated, which directly benefits your child. This is about them, and giving your child the chance to learn in a safe place, and not have to worry about the pressures a standard public school can bring.

This guest post is contributed by Alisa Gilbert, who writes on the topics of bachelors degree.  She welcomes your comments at her email Id: