The cutest spring & Easter treats!

While putting out my Easter decorations today, I got so excited about springtime and Easter. As I was going through my Easter crafts, recipes, and activities for my children, I came across some photos of an Easter party from a couple of years ago. They were taken at our homeschool Easter party, and my friend, Maria, made these adorable Easter bunny cars.

Aren't they so cute? Maria used a Ho Hos cake for the body of the car and a Peeps bunny for the driver. Using icing as the glue for this creation, she adhered the bunny and a Life Saver for the steering wheel to the cake. She stuck on the marshmallows as tires and added the malted eggs for headlights. 

You can be original with whatever ingredients you may already have. For example, you can use jelly beans or M&M's as headlights and Sprees as the tires. You can also use Swiss Roll Snack Cakes or Twinkies for the car.
Here are some more treats that she made.
(It was a windy day so the bunnies shifted a bit.)

 The bunny cars were the hit of the party! My kids absolutely loved them.

I found this picture with the photos from above. Even though it has nothing to do with Easter treats, I had to include it anyway. I think it's precious because my boys have no idea that this Easter bunny was their Dad. What a good sport my hubby was to dress up for the kids at our church party in that incredibly hot suit in Southwest Florida! 

Now onto more Easter goodies. 


My kids LOVE making bird's nests with peanut butter cookies and coconut or even using our peanut butter edible playdough recipe HERE. Be creative with the eggs and use your family's favorite candy- chocolates, jelly beans, malted eggs, Whoppers, M&M's, Skittles, or any other candy that is round and will fit.

 These look so easy to make for a quick party treat that everyone will remember. The best part is when you open the egg, there is a treat inside. How ingenious is that! Kids love Rice Krispies Treats so this one is sure to be a winner. Visit Bright Ideas for this recipe.


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