Help! I think I'm a blog-a-holic!

Is it possible to be addicting to blogging? I know this sounds silly but I think I am. I have been blogging for a few years now, just a few posts per month- no big deal. But lately, I can't stop writing posts and reading other blogs. I recently found an abundance of creative teaching blogs and I am hooked!   

I thought the first step to recovery would be admitting that I have a problem so I told my husband this week. He laughed. No counseling or compassion. That is why I am seeking advice from fellow bloggers. 

Here are some of my symptoms: 

I sacrifice sleep to blog. And when I do sleep, I actually dream about blogging. For real! 

I forget to eat when blogging. That has never ever happened to me before! I love food! 

I have become fascinated with statistics. Even though I do not comprehend what a feedburner is or what a widget really does, I pretend to understand these technical terms while I study and analyze my statistics every morning. So weird I tell you. 

If I have a comment in my inbox, it makes my day. If I don't have any comments, I wonder what I did wrong. 

This Sunday morning I added a follower's gadget, and I seriously thought about submitting a prayer request at church for followers.  I wish I was kidding.

I have become a blog-stalker. I have to browse several blogs at least once a day for a "find." It is like treasure hunting to me!  

Even worse, I am an "undercover" blog-stalker. I enter a certain blog (codename W.T.T.W.) and then click on all the posts on their blog lists like I am a secret spy. Why? These crazy habits I have make absolutely no sense. 

I need to rework my family's budget to compensate for all the ink and cardstock I've used on printing all the treasures I found while spying.  

I desperately want to think of more topics to blog about just so I can have at least ten more templates designed by Ladybug. They are just too cute! There must be something I can do with them! 

I can't wait for the kids to take a snack break so I can blog. I can't wait for the kids to take a bath so I can blog. I can't wait until the kids go to sleep so I can blog. Do you see the pattern?  

When my husband walks into the office, I sometimes quickly close the screen and act like I am working on homeschool lesson plans. He knows me too well and says, "You're blogging again, aren't you?" My reply, "Well...uh...I was just...okay...yes...I was."

I do not care if the laundry is stacked several feet high. It will actually make a good measurement lesson. How much laundry can 7 people accumulate in a week? We could even graph the data each day. Hmmmm. I see another post coming on. 

Which leads me to my last symptom. My list of future posts has grown exponentially. If I get time to write all of the posts I have envisioned before the second coming of Jesus, it will be a miracle. 

Am I alone?