The BEST Writing Resource I have ever used!

When I begin planning my children's reading curriculum for the upcoming school year, I use this list as a reminder to include several different types of genres (categories) of literature.


Fairy Tales
Tall Tales
Science Fiction
Realistic Fiction
Historical Fiction
Informational Books
Picture Books
ABC Books
Counting Books
Concept Books
Pattern Books
Wordless Picture Books

 Click on the image above to print the genre descriptions
on a great reference page for FREE created by Hilary Lewis.

When I plan my children's writing lessons, I also try to incorporate several of the categories listed above. This summer I was shopping at a homeschool convention with thousands of different books and resources for educators to sift through and I struck gold! I found the most inventive writing resource written by an elementary teacher that totally engages the writers in such a FUN and creative way!

It even includes the different genres of literature!

A couple of weeks after purchasing Kids Write!, my children saw me reading it and started asking A LOT of questions, such as "When can we start? Do we really have to wait until August? Can we start this week? Please, Mom, please."

What educator/mother would say no to her children begging to write stories? "Of course we can start this week!" I exclaimed with joy.

I had my boys choose which section they would like begin and they chose the Fairy Tales/Fantasy chapter. They quickly began constructing a castle for their fairy tale setting. They even added action figures for the characters.

Next, we began reading fairy tales and started a fairy tale unit using these fabulous resources.


This week, they are ready to begin building a robot for their next fantasy story.

My favorite part of Kids Write! is it invites the child to actually become a part of the story. There is an art project or activity that immerses the child into the setting and/or character, which makes it MUCH easier for the child to write. I just LOVE this book and so do my kids!

{Click Here} to view the fairy tale my boys wrote for their baby sister's first birthday. It is so precious!

{Click Here} for hundreds of fairy tale printables from that you can narrow down by grade level and subject area. Here are a few examples below.

Enjoy making writing FUN!