Need some encouragement?

Many of us are preparing for the new school year and are filled with excitement. Meeting new students and decorating classrooms brings a teacher happiness. As a home educator, I love going through my new curriculum for the school year and making lesson plans.
But there are several teachers who are experiencing a sad time right now. 

I receive emails every week from wonderful educators who have lost their jobs due to recent budget cuts. These are phenomenal teachers and some of them have taught school for years. It is so unfair. 

Unfortunately, some of my closest blogging friends are among them and it breaks my heart to see them struggling emotionally and financially. But these educators continue to persevere and create incredible posts to inspire other teachers returning to their classrooms, even though they are wishing to return to a classroom, too. They have lost their home away from home. That must be challenging!

Two years ago, I experienced one of the toughest trials in my life that I will hopefully get the opportunity to share more details with you in the future. But to sum it all up in two paragraphs, my family lost everything financially in one year, including my husband's job, our home of seven years, our credit, both our cars, and every ounce of pride that we had left. Add to that, moving away 13 hours from our family, church, and homeschool group and also becoming unexpectedly pregnant with having no reliable income to support our existing family, I sank into depression. I had hit rock bottom. I just never knew how low the bottom was until this particular trial.

Weeks before my fourth child was born, we had to move again because of the lack of money to pay rent. Then we moved again in another 7 months because my husband (who has a computer engineering degree and graduated valedictorian) could not find a job in the area. He could not even get an interview after submitting more than 300 resumes. This was VERY difficult as a mom of four kids who had to keep homeschooling throughout it all. Friends and family sent us money to help pay for our basic bills, such as electricity and water. Talk about a humbling time. I wanted to be the giver, not the receiver. Just a year before, my husband was earning six figures and we had tons of reserves for emergencies and even equity in our home. We were on our way to financial freedom but how quickly everything disappeared.

The only constant thing I had in my life besides my family was God. I clung to His word more than ever before and posted encouraging scriptures throughout my home. Below are some songs that I played over and over. Even when I listen to them today as I post this, tears stream down my cheeks because I will always remember the heartbreaking feelings I endured.

But during this time, I saw God up close. I felt His embrace like never before. That experience transformed me and made me who I am today. I am in awe watching God rebuild and restore my family's life in a way that I never thought possible. He is amazing!

Just know God has a plan for you (Jer. 29:11) and you will make it through this time of testing. Keep on believing and moving forward and you will see Him working out the details. God is never early or late but His timing is always perfect. You will see, I promise.


My favorite song ever-
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It is beautiful so click on the link to listen.

Here are two more of my favorites.