Summer Reflections Art Project

Isn't this beautiful? My son made it last week. This art project is perfect for making you want to jump into the water and cool off during the hot days of summer and it even teaches symmetry! Here are the simple instructions:
  • Fold white construction paper in half to create a line in the middle of the paper. Trace that line with a pencil.
  • Using a pencil, draw an outdoor summer scene.
  • Turn the paper to the side now and copy the other half using the folded middle line as the line of symmetry. (Like when you teach a child to copy the other half of a butterfly) This half will be the reflection in the water so children can make the lines wavy if they prefer.
  • Color in the drawing with crayons except the water.
  • Paint the bottom half with blue watercolor paints and let dry.
  • Trace the top half with a black marker to make the lines bold.
Have Fun!