Easter Egg Art Ideas Galore

Since I've been  homeschooling, I've made A LOT of Easter egg art projects with my kids. I cannot repeat the same projects year after year like I did when I was a classroom teacher, so I am always on the lookout for some new and creative art ideas. I found these art projects from the last ten years to share with you.

Chinese Egg Painting

The art of painting on eggs has been popular in China since the Qing Dynasty. To make these, poke holes at both ends of an egg and blow out the white and yolk from shell. Rinse well and let dry. Hot glue one end of the egg on a milk top. Paint with watercolors or oil paints. My oldest son was more detailed than those pictured above (those are done by my Pre-K and K sons) and he used puffy paint to outline his watercolors. His really turned out nice.

Glass Egg Painting

I ordered glass eggs and the kids painted them. They turned out pretty and very shiny.

Sequined Eggs

I bought styrofoam eggs at Jo-Ann's. The kids used sequins and small plastic push-pins to stick through the center of the sequins into the styrofoam. These look very elegant.
Pastels Eggs

My kids made stripes using pastels and then they used their fingertips to blend the stripes. These are super vibrant in color.

Marble Egg Art

My kids cut out eggs shapes from a template I made them on cardstock. We put the eggs into a shirt box and added some marbles that were dipped in different colors of paint. This is a great project for young children.

I have also made crayon-resist eggs in the past, and my children colored with crayons a large egg cut from a template and then they painted the egg with watercolors. Sorry I could not find a photo of that project to share with you.

Paper Mache Eggs

Dip strips of tissue paper into a paper mache mixture and then lay them across a balloon. Use several layers and allow each layer to dry thoroughly (like in the photo above). Then pop the balloon with a needle, and the egg should keep its shape. The kids love that part!  Hang the eggs around your home or classroom. (Note: This is difficult for younger kids.)

 Ukrainian Eggs

This is a special project that should only be done with older children or with A LOT of  assistance with younger ones. It is still one of my faves even though it requires a lot of patience. For centuries the Ukrainian people have perfected the art of "pysanky," a wax-resist and dye process on eggs.

First, I read the story Rechenka's Eggs by Patricia Polacco to my kids. I also check out some guides to decorating Ukrainian eggs from the library and shared them with my kids.
These books teach children about the traditional craft of pysanky, which makes spectacular designs. I also had my children watch a special on the television program,  Reading Rainbow, that showed a lady doing pysanky. It was amazing!

I ordered a Ukrainian Egg Decorating Kit  on-line. I also ordered hollow goose eggs on-line. (You can use regular eggs. I just thought the larger eggs would be easier to work with for my younger children.)

Pysanky is a long process that requires lots of time and patience but the results are so breath-taking that it's definitely worth it.

It is a step-by-step process of using wax and painting and then rubbing off the colors to create incredible masterpieces.

Marbled Eggs from Shaving Cream

This is just the coolest art project that is sure to be a hit with your kids, no matter what age they are. You can create these marbled eggs from using shaving cream and paint! This project also teaches a science lesson. CLICK HERE to read my post with step-by-step instructions. 

                                                Enjoy these egg-cellent art projects!


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