Lego Mania!

If your kids are obsessed with Legos like my boys are, then I have a post for you! Awhile back I did a post about my son's Lego addiction and a FREE E-book that gives tons of ideas on how to incorporate Legos into learning activities. Today, I am sharing with you four things your kids will absolutely LOVE!
First, my children have been participating in a FREE Lego Club sponsored by CurrClick. It is totally cool! You can meet live on-line on Mondays or watch the recordings at any time. Each month has a different theme from simple machines to the 12 Days of "Brickmas" to Patriotic themes. Your child can build projects while watching the lessons. But the really neat part is the instructor is wonderful about presenting lots of great facts while the kids are building. CLICK HERE to learn more.

LEGO Star Wars Mad Libs was a great stocking stuffer that my boys use as a review for the parts of speech. They really enjoy these!

Second, my kids enjoy receiving the Lego Club magazine in the mail. And yes, it is FREE and delivered bi-monthly. My boys read it over and over until it literally starts to fall apart. CLICK HERE to sign-up for a FREE subscription. 

Third, did you know that LegoLand has homeschool field trips for $8.00 admission to the theme park? What a deal! My kids have already been to LegoLand, but our homeschool group is planning to visit Legoland this Fall and my boys couldn't be any happier to go back. LegoLand also offers very low rates for schools, too.

Last, I recently discovered a new Lego movie at the FPEA homeschool convention and I was sold instantly!  Shatterpoint Entertainment has created a "Brickbuster" of a movie, Jericho: The Promise Fulfilled!Yes, it is a Bible story! How awesome is that?

Jericho: The Promise Fulfilled is a stop-motion animated movie that has won several awards. The movie is very detailed with humor sprinkled throughout. My sons' favorite parts are the Bloopers and the Behind the Scenes footage, which shows the great depth of patience and creativity that went into this project.

Okay, here is an example of how excited my children were when I gave the video to them. Can we go back to our hotel room and watch it RIGHT NOW, please Mom please!!! We walked up to our room (okay, they ran) and they watched it on a laptop with a friend all squeezed together on one bed. They all watched it again and again until they ALL fell asleep. I wish I had taken a photo. I think they all drifted off to LegoLand in their dreams. The next morning, I went back and got another DVD for their friend (it was an early birthday gift) and that night they watched it again in their friend's hotel room.

I am pleased to report that their enthusiasm has not worn off, and they still watch it with friends at sleepovers. I cannot explain how elated I am that my children are learning Biblical lessons and are loving it and wanting more. PLEASE continue to make more of these fabulous movies Shatterpoint Entertainment

I hope your Lego-loving kids enjoy these ideas!