The Chilver gang is loving summer!

My kids love the summer months because we get to do activities that we normally would not have a lot of extra time in the school year to complete. First, my boys wanted to make a pillow. Yes, my boys wanted to learn how to sew. :) After visiting Joann's and seeing all the cool fabrics to choose from, my kids couldn't wait to race home and learn how to make their very own pillows. My oldest son (who has now graduated) made one when he was their age and he still has it. The boys use their pillows everyday while watching TV. 

The middle one they made for a gift for Charity's birthday but Colby likes it, too.
Do you remember making Spin Art when you were a child? I use to enjoy making these at carnivals. Well, now they sell a kit you can do at home. I purchased the kit for my niece's birthday and it was a hit! My boys soon wanted their own. For the price, it worked really well and they had a lot of fun.

And the biggest hit of the summer has been these mosaics. Kids just gravitate to these projects. I even purchased the mosaic kits awhile back for all my nieces and nephews for their Christmas presents. My kids make a different set each summer but this year we bought a few extra for the neighborhood kids to make at our home, too.

CLICK HERE to see the dozens of different kits that Amazon has to offer. There are even special kits for preschoolers that are absolutely cute.

Hope you are having FUN this summer with your kids!