Kid-friendly Halloween Movies

I hope you are having fun getting ready for Halloween. Today's feature is by someone very special, my oldest son Conley :) He just informed me a few minutes ago of the topic he wrote about on his blog, Movies, Cars, and Guitars, so I wanted to share it with you- Best Halloween Movies You Can Watch With Your Kids. If you hop on over and leave him a comment, it will make his day! Trust me☺

Our family enjoys movie nights. We eat popcorn and snuggle together. I thought Conley did a great job of listing some family-friendly moviesI did find it interesting reading a list from a teenager's perspective.

I would like to add to the list this year's favorite Halloween movie that Conley's baby brother and sister LOVEMickey Mouse Clubhouse - Mickey's Treat

It is just adorable! My two toddlers are CRAZY over Mickey and Minnie.

They are dressing up as them for trick-or-treating.
Our jack-o-lantern is going to be Mickey, too.
They even dress up our dog as Mickey! Thankfully, our dog is a good sport. 
Yes, I realize they are just a little obsessed but it's a season of life that I wish I could pause and enjoy more. Colby and Charity are just so little and cute! Before I know it, they will be teenagers and I will be reading their blogs, too. :)

Enjoy your little ones this Halloween,