Free Bingo Card Generator Site

Created by my friend Shannon at
I enjoy turning learning activities into games. Research has shown that children learn quicker and retain information much longer when playing games. My previous post explains different ways I have used Bingo to practice skills. I also use Bingo for party games, such as Halloween Bingo using candy corn as markers, Easter Bingo using jelly beans, and Christmas Bingo using red and green M&Ms or gumdrops.

Here is a FREE Bingo generator that I'd like to share with you again because it's simply an AWESOME teaching tool! DLTK  has tons of choices to integrate Bingo with the skills your child is already learning during school. Check it out!

TIPS: I print the cards off on cardstock so they last longer. Every time you click refresh, a new card is generated. That's so cool!

Have FUN playing while learning,