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best potato soup recipe

A few years ago I wanted to make potato soup with my kids for St. Patrick's Day. I found a few great crockpot recipes and then tweaked them into one delicious recipe that I knew my family would enjoy. I thought we'd make it together to celebrate the holiday and then I'd file away the recipe to possibly use again on a future St. Patrick's Day.
But this is what happened.....

The potato soup was SOOOO incredibly tasty that my kids said they couldn't wait a year to eat it again. So I added it to our family recipe book, and it became one of our favorite meals that we make often. A few years ago, I wrote about the potato soup on this site in case others wanted to make it for an Irish treat with their kids, too.
Then along came Pinterest.....

Someone randomly pinned that recipe about a year ago and suddenly I had more people visiting my blog for this one recipe than any other of my posts. Sometimes thousands a day- for over a year! I find it quite comical that a recipe post attracts more readers than my 400+ teaching tips posts (esp. since this is not a cooking blog but a teaching tips blog). But hey, kids are reading recipes, following step-by-step directions, and practicing math skills (measurements and fractions) as well as learning the very important life skill of cooking so it's all good. :)
When Fox contacted me to film a St. Patrick's Day segment on the Mom Squad, I knew exactly what to share.
So here it is.....
The Best Crockpot Potato Soup Ever!
and Lucky Lime (a St. Patrick's drink for kids)
{CLICK HERE} if you'd like to see this recipe. I will forewarn you that you'll be making this a lot once your family tries it so remember I told you so.

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