Scripture Memory Program

Last summer, my wonderful friend Nicole from One Magnificent Obsession and I met to brainstorm ideas on creating a scripture memory program. We could not find anything that met our homeschool group's objectives. Most of us already had Bible curriculum for our children, but we wanted a separate program that would motivate our children to learn Bible verses. Nicole was familiar with the Bible Bee, which is similar to the Spelling Bee, and she had a lot of super ideas to add to it. She went off to create Truth 66, a fantastic guide for Christian families and homeschoolers to memorize the 66 books of the Old and New Testament, 25 verses, and 10 key passages.

Nicole made the game a lot of fun as they worked through the racetrack throughout the school year.
She created memory verses cards to use for practicing. Nicole had been practicing these daily with her older children, and without her realizing it, Nicole's three-year-old had memorized the scriptures and all the books of the Bible. Very impressive!
We had our first Bible Bee last week, and the kids had a chance to recite the scriptures they had learned during the school year. The kids absolutely loved it! Colton even won second place in his grade level and was thrilled!
Thank you Nicole for creating this program and sharing it with others.
If you are looking for a scripture memory program for your child, be sure to check out Truth 66.
Enjoy making learning fun!