Goodbye Clutter- Hello Organization

Moms are always looking for ways to make their lives a little easier in their everyday routine. Who really wants to spend more time doing laundry than you have to? Or sorting through your junk mail- that's just plain boring. It's time to throw out the clutter of the old year and embrace organization in the new year.

On Fox 4's Mom Squad I shared some ways to get organized for the new year so you can have some extra time to spend with your family (or even to just take a mom break and rest).

Watch the segment How to Get Organized to learn how to:

  • Keep everyone in your family up-to-date on upcoming events, lessons, classes, practices, vacations, etc. by using a family calendar;
  • Eliminate junk mail in just a few minutes with this really cool app;
  • Save tons of time meal-planning by consolidating your favorite recipes into one collection; and
  • Gain over two hours of extra time each month by using only two laundry baskets.

Extra Tip: One thing I did not have time to mention in the segment is how the page protectors used in the recipe collection are perfect for keeping your recipes clean. My kids spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking alongside of me, and the recipe pages get a lot of ingredients splattered onto them. All you have to do is wipe off the page protector when you are finished cooking and your recipe will stay as good as new.

HERE are more ways to get organized.

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Enjoy these tips!

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