FUN Ways to Improve Fine Motor Skills

See you later boring penmanship worksheets! Practicing handwriting skills can be a blast with these FUN and creative methods I recently shared on Fox 4's Mom Squad.

Watch the segment FUN Ways to Improve Handwriting to learn unique ways to improve fine motor skills that will have your kids begging for more "handwriting" activities. (Shhhh! Don't let them know these activities will strengthen their hand muscles and help their penmanship. Just let them be kids and have some fun.)

Did you catch the last tip at the end?

That is always my favorite one to share since parents rarely associate Playdough with handwriting. CLICK HERE for the recipes I discussed, and you have to print these cute (and free) Playdough Mats.

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Lauri Products are perfect for fine motor skills (I still use these puzzles with my little ones. The puzzles are over 15 years old, yet they are so durable and still look brand new.)

Sweet Success! (Trust me, your kids will LOVE this activity!)

I have many more handwriting tips in my best-selling book
How to Teach Your Child

Enjoy these tips!

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