Lauri Products perfect for fine motor skillls!

Lauri Perception Puzzles

My children love these brightly colored puzzles because they are challenging, the texture is appealing, and the rubber pieces are flexible and durable. Don't worry about missing pieces because Lauri has a replacement service and guarantee. Lauri's pieces are washable and virtually indestructible for years of quiet, safe play. I recommend purchasing these puzzles in sets, as they are definitely worth the investment.

Little ones need practice in mental exercises, such as perceiving sight differences, so they will be prepared for reading by helping their brains make important neurological connections. In more technical terms, these perception puzzles help your child connect his dendrites to his neurons in his brain, which are the main connections that occur during reading. Thus, you are setting a firm foundation for reading even before you teach your child a letter sound. Isn't that cool?

Lauri Stacking Pegs

The stacking pegs can be used for sorting, counting, creating patterns, and developing fine motor skills. The brightly colored pegs nudge into the rubber pegboard base and can be stacked securely on top of each other, higher and higher.

Lauri Shape and Color Sorter
The shape and color sorter has chunky shapes that are bumpy on one side and smooth on the other. Children slide these rubber shapes over glossy pegs. This activity promotes dexterity, sorting skills (shape and color), and eye-hand coordination.

Lauri products are excellent to use with a young child while you are working with an older child. The younger child still feels involved in school time, and these products will keep him interested for awhile. This will allow you to concentrate on your older child. I keep the Lauri products hidden away and take them out only during school time, so my children are more focused and excited to play with them during our learning time.