Book Adventure

An outstanding on-line reading program!

Sylvan sponsors my favorite reading resource, which is available for FREE on-line at . First, pick your child’s reading level, and have your child choose five categories of interest. Next, print out a list of the books on your child’s reading level that he would be interested in reading. Take the list to the library to find the books, or search your local library on-line to order the books.

The best part is that your child can take a comprehension quiz on-line when he is finished reading the book. The program grades the quiz and rewards your child with points. Your child can go to the “prize center” on-line. Parents make up their own prizes, such as 300 points to stay up late one night, 800 for a trip to the movies, 500 points for a sleepover with a friend, or 200 for a trip to get ice cream. You choose what motivates your child. This free reading program is similar to the Accelerated Reader (AR) program that is used in many schools.

If your child is consistently scoring high on the comprehension quizzes, you may be able to increase his reading level. If your child is repeatedly performing poorly, have your child read at a little lower level. The goal is to have your child reading material at his instructional level that is not too hard or too easy, but just right. Studies indicate the most efficient learning takes place when children stretch themselves a bit. If the material is too hard, your child may not be capable of processing it. If it is too easy, little growth may take place. Have fun using this awesome teaching tool!